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Global Barometer of Hope & Despair, or “the curious case of Nigerian Guinness”

Source: Beerbeer.org

In Ikeja in the heart of Lagos, which is case you didn’t know is the second most populous city in Africa after Cairo, there was founded in 1962 a brewery. A brewery for the production of Guinness.  They don’t just provide stout for the people of Nigeria though, they also reportedly supply potable water for some 500,000 people in rural communties across the country.

Why am I telling you this? Well I’m telling you this because this week a gallup poll conducted in fifty three countries across the globe has suggested that Nigeria, at the expense of Les Miserables in Paris (who came dead last), is the Happiest Place on Earth! TM.

Explanations as to why the 154million inhabitants of this Federal Republic should be so utterly optimistic range from it’s blossoming population to it’s economic development and brush gently over the culture of ethnic violence and bribery that is common place. At no point however has anyone, until now, suggested that the guiding principle for the enduring cheeriness of this the 8th most populous country in the World should be the sterling work of Guinness Nigeria.

The full deliciously named report can be found here.

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