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Big Train

I was asked recently by The Guardian Edinburgh Beat Blogger to comment on the Edinburgh trams project. For anyone interested, you can find my podcast and the full article abut it on the Guardian web-site here.

I am in favour of trams in principle, and I think the idea that they represent Edinburgh as a cultural capital is one that holds a lot of sway for people. However, spending £555 million on a vanity project plainly stinks.

As I made clear during the podcast. The head of the WWF Scotland climate change report published in May, has stated that we need 290,000 electric cars on the road by 2020 to meet our emissions targets.

Where better to start than electric/hybrid buses? Spend the money fitting terminals in the city to make electric cars viable. Who is being short-sighted by opposing the trams now?

Feel free to disagree with me, I’d like to hear peoples comments.

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  1. scrottie Mcboogerballs
    15/09/2010 at 16:24

    Hear, Hear! With public spending is being cut a serious rate, I think its so much more important for money to placed into health, police, fire service and schools. As someone working in the public spending seeing lots of people being laid off, life’s being crushed and fearing the knock-on effect on society as a whole in Edinburgh I think most if not all rationale people would agree this money could be better spent. I am also aware at that stupid amount has been spent already, so I agree with guy who said maybe keep the line from Haymarket to the airport very good idea. But you are dead accurate with the mismanagement complaint. As for the female who states that the road work delay was all down to victorian pipework is erroneous.

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