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Benitez’ ghost haunts King Kenny as Hodgson looks set to move.

So it looks like Liverpool are keen to snap up Roy Hodgson? Fair enough. He’s been my favourite to get the post since Rafa took his money and ran. It also seemed ludicrous from the outset, that Martin O’Neill would trade up 6th place Aston Villa with their secure backers and well performing squad for a cash-strapped 7th place club in turmoil. That the other major contender, Guus Hiddink, is still under contract at Turkey made his appointment seem nigh impossible.

One of the more interesting aspects to the Hodgson appointment though, is the timing. That England’s World Cup match against Slovenia tomorrow might result in Capello leaving the England job, and Roy looking likely to head up England’s most-wanted list, has added another dimension to what some had seen as a simple coronation for the Fulham boss.

In many regards Hodgson seems like a good choice for Liverpool. A steady pair of hands, no doubt a damn sight cheaper than an O’Neill or even a Klinsmann. He has a track record of getting the most out of ordinary teams, and is fresh from a European Cup final with Premiership second-tier Fulham. What should worry any discerning Liverpool fan however, is the possibility of entering a bidding war with the FA. That would add the woes  of the club, not only in the public eye, but financially aswell.

Kenny Dalglish, who was tasked with hunting down a replacement for Benitez, is said to be keen on the job himself. Though a good friend of the 62-year-old Hodgson, Dalglish feels he is the best qualified for the job.

If Liverpool do not tread carefully, and should England go out tomorrow, they face a tough time in convincing Hodgson to take on a team likely to have little to spend on repairs. The appointment might even have to rival Benitez’ salary simply to attract him from the England job. If they strike before the World Cup campaign is over they might find themselves losing a fine ambassador for the club in Dalglish and further dividing the fans from the director and owners of the beleagured club. 

It seems that even with the axing of Rafa Benitez, Liverpool’s mangerial woes are far from over.  

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