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All Football, All the time, Forever.

One week or so gone and the World Cup is certainly coming to life. I found the time to start covering the International Film Festival, safe in the knowledge we’ve seen all the big guns come out to play by now. Spain’s loss was probably a bigger upset than South Africa getting a point, but aside from France’s predictable paltry performance, so far the usual suspects have got the starts that were expected. Italy getting a draw was pretty much inexorable, they had no need to be gung-ho against a Paraguay side that will very probably qualify out of the group with them. The Dutch looked shaky but comfortably got a couple in their opening win. So too, Brazil eased past the fiesty North Koreans without too much drama. So far, so wait-for-the-third-round-of-games. The stand out games go to Germany’s crushing of Australia and Argentina’s second win against South Korea. Well, that is apart from Portugal’s drubbing of North Korea, but didn’t I tell you the World Cup was coming to life? I’m going on the record here, pre-tournament my (actual) money was on the Argies, and aside from Guttierez flapping, I’ve seen nothing to make me regret that. Chile looked pretty handy against Honduras and I look forward to watching them progress. All that said,

England are the team with the most worries for their next match. Reliable sources close to Alhimself thought they might open up a few volleys against a pretty ordinary looking Algerian team. 3-0? 4-0? That bore no fruit whatsoever. Everyone, including myself, was surprised though. Where had Rooney gone? Let’s be realistic about the latter stages. (Not quite Rod Liddle realistic, his Sunday Times comment piece on the 13th was doom-saying I wasn’t then prepared to believe.) At this stage though England need to win handsomely, or have someone do them a favour. Sounds as pathetic as Scotland’s qualification record since the millenium. England are not going to win the World cup on this performance. They would need luck and/or the sort of improvement that would make Lazarus look like Harry bloody Kewell. Who, by the way, is basically a thief. A recent GQ Australia article confirmed this for me finally.

“The lowest point apparently came after the World Cup in 2006, when Kewell was told by British doctors that they had fixed him physically and his problems were more in mind than body.”

I implore the Turkish government to extradite him in order he be forced to pay back all those £65,000 pay cheques he got to sit on the bench. Australia’s 1-1 heroics against Ghana confirmed how much they need him. Not a lot.

So, never experienced the World Cup before. Not sure how to predict the winner? Nabokov’s Lolita, page 17
“You have to be…”

You’ll get the drift. Also, keep a look out for the World Cup Poems blog. We are launching the book itself at the Roxy Arthouse on the 30th, where I will be reading from the 32 poems we’ve published, alongside Dave Coates and Aiko Harman. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the tournament. We shall speak again soon.



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