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Museum is Sex

Well, it’s been a while since my last update. Easter break seemed to have an all-consuming impact on my ability to sit at a desk and write. Not sure where to start on a round-up, so I won’t bother.

Well I did make a Sonic Emitter at the science festival, inhaled a lot of solder and watched a grown-up make a hologram with a class 2 laser. But everything else is a blurr…

Confusion is Sex was 1 year old on the 16th April.

Had an excellent Confusion is Sex at the Bongo Club on Friday with some lovely people. For some it was their first experience of the night, others I’ve had great nights with there in the past. It was a nice mix. I also had the opportunity to be click happy with my new iPhone. Wild Card Kitty was as impressive as always and the Freaky Brides pulled an energetic turn with their sex-ercise routine. Looking forward to June 11th event, with a Mad Max theme. Beyond Thunderdome indeed…

The sparkling glitter ball of low-light restbite.

I followed that up with an activity filled day at the National Museum of Scotland. My young niece highly impressed me by being interested in every single exhibit; I’ve taken friends there who even lacked that kind of fortitude. I suppose sometimes I forget that at that age, museums are wondrous places. I’ve been lucky enough to catch some of the finer ones from across the globe over the years. London’s Holborn Imperial War Museum is a favourite, as is the British Museum. I can still remember vividly that Tokyo’s National Museum shook me out of my jet-lag when I first laid eyes upon it. It sits surrounded by cherry blossom and is only a J-train from Imperial Palace. Museums live with you, so I can understand her obvious enthusiasm. I still haven’t seen everything at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, and I’ve been twice.

Anyway; enough navel-gazing. The rest of the weekend involved looking after three King Charles Spaniels, the afore-mentioned niece, and a life-long friend fresh back from the lambing season in the Scottish Borders. It involved lots of chorizo and an open fire. We watched District 9, which impressed even at the second time of watching. Twitter played a prominent role as Amanda Palmer’s Glasgow gig unfolded.

Sunday night saw me do a 3-minute slot at Poetry at the GRV, where everyone was very generous with their comments. I used the iPhone to read from in an effort to re-dress the carbon foot-print the ash cloud high above us has tipped off-kilter. Talked some World Cup pamphlet talk with Dave Coates and Kona McPhee, before heading off for an early night. Owing to all the distractions I managed to miss Dr Who…in fact, I think I’ll call a halt here and rectify that.

Speak soon.


  1. Jonny 'back to the well' todd
    28/04/2010 at 12:34

    You touched on your carbon footprint don’t you realise that Egon pointed out that print was dead over 25years ago!!!!

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